Locals baffled when 'drunk' man plunges through their roof

Locals were baffled when a mystery 'drunk' man plunged through their roof.

The shirtless Thai native had been running across the three-metre-high roofs in a village Pattaya, Thailand on May 13.

Residents in the Banglamung subdistrict heard loud stomps from their iron rooftops before they walked out and saw the stranger jumping foolishly across the gaps.

They told him to get down but the man, who appeared to be drunk, was not listening and still climbing between the houses. When he tried to run across the top of a garage at the Daraphan Apartment, the iron sheet collapsed, causing the man to fell off to the marble table.

Sawang Boriboon rescue service and Pattaya police were called to the scene. The unidentified victim was given first aid at the scene before being taken to Banglamung Hospital.

When being asked about his identity, the man did not answer properly but only went mumbling in random words.

Residents told the police that they also did not know the man or what he was doing on the roof.

A local said: ''We never saw him before and he didn’t look familiar. I guess he was drunk walking from somewhere and ended up climbing on top of our houses.''

The man was taken for questioning at the police station and was held in custody at the police station while they waited for him to sober up.