Locals rescue calf who fell into hole while eating grass in Thailand

This is the heartwarming moment a calf was saved after falling into a deep hole while munching on grass.

The seven-month-old female was safely rescued after her whole body was trapped in the five-feet-deep uncovered drain in Surin, northeastern Thailand on June 4.

Herdsman Pha Kachefa was alerted by villagers that one of the cows had fallen into the narrow hole while she was walking around the field eating grass.

The calf's head was seen resting on the edge while she was crying and struggling to climb out. The owner decided to call the rescue foundation as the cow was in unbearable pain.

Volunteers of Surin Rescue Foundation arrived the scene after the call. One rescuer tied her neck with a rope and pulled her up while the other rescuer was pushing her from behind.

But the calf was too exhausted to drag herself up from the hole and could not even manage to get her front paws out of the ditch.

More locals came to the scene to rescue the animal. They held her legs and her body tightly and began pulling her up again.

The team spent about 30 minutes to eventually save the calf. Residents were cheering in relief when they saw the animal was uninjured.

Pha thanked all the staff and brought her home a moment later after her cow regained some energy.

The owner said: ''I usually brought them to this field and let them eat for a couple of hours. I didn’t notice this drain before because it was covered by tall grass.

''She must be in a panic when she couldn’t get up and couldn’t see anyone around. I have to be more careful and keep watching for my animals next time.''