LOL – Cat Doesn't Know What to do with His Tail

It’s common knowledge that cats hate water. Just thinking about bath time gives them nightmares. That true for most cats, but not for all of them! Some cats actually like playing with water, and the cute kitty from this video! If you thought that a cat would never get its tail wet intentionally, you just have to check out this funny video! It’ll blow your mind for sure! As the clip begins, you are presented with a cat sitting on the edge of a sink and playing with her tail under running water. LOL! This cute kitty was probably getting too hot on a summer day, and that’s why she decides to cool down. And getting her tail wet worked like a charm! LOL! Cats are such hilarious beings and they never fail to make us laugh hard, that’s for sure! I don’t know about you. But I have never seen a cat that is such fan of water! So funny!