London police hold back hooligans attempting to reach anti-fascist protest

This is the moment police rush into stop far-right protestors reaching an authorised anti-fascist demonstration in the heart of London.

Stand Up To Racism activists were protesting against the Democratic Football Lads Alliance march at the police-designated protest area at the southern end of Whitehall when football hooligans chanting “Yid Army” tried to reach them from Parliament Square.

The Yid Army is said to be a hooligan crew from Tottenham Hotspur FC.

One black member of the football hooligans yelled racist abuse at the black members of the Stand Up To Racism protest while others called the anti-fascists "pedophiles."

Clashes broke out in other parts of the city centre during the afternoon as anti-fascist protestors blocked the route of the DFLA protest march that was supposed to end in a rally at the north end of Whitehall.