Lorry driver blinded by splash of water brakes on busy motorway

This was the terrifying moment a lorry driver was temporarily blinded by a large splash of water in busy traffic while driving down a motorway yesterday (January 17).

The incident took place between junction 7 and 8 on the M25 (anti-clockwise) as the driver was in the middle lane attempting to overtake another heavy goods vehicle with a trailer.

As the driver increases speed to overtake the lorry in the left-hand lane, a large gush of water is swept up its tyres and completely covers the windscreen of the middle lane driver.

He immediately slows down in a terrifying moment of panic that could have resulted in a pile-up.

The driver, John Mitchell, told Newsflare: "I was driving between junction 7 and 8 on the M25 anticlockwise, a route I take every day but this day it had been raining heavily so the road was soaking which made it hard to see puddles.

"A truck to my left just in front couldn't have seen the puddle so I wasn't annoyed or bothered, it just caught me by surprise.

"I saw a load of water come up from the road and come straight for me.

"Even though I was behind a screen it still made me try to dodge the water.

"Luckily I was already going in an almost straight line so when I couldn't see a thing I knew I had to keep the steering wheel straight and lay off the throttle just in case.

"We don't normally get loads of surface water like that because of the constant flow of traffic not giving a chance for puddles to form."