Los Buzos Guides Rescue Tamandua (Collared Anteater) From Fishermans Net

Occurred on October 15, 2020 / Cambutal, Panama

Info From Licensor: Darret found this Tamandua laying on a gill net belonging to some neighboring commercial fishermen who live near our fishing lodge. At first glance, he and Adam thought it was either sleeping or sick because it had not tried to move at all when they got close. After a few minutes, they realized its claw was stuck in the net and likely it had been there all night and was exhausted from trying to get untangled for so long. They were able to cut the animal loose with the Waterway knife we all keep in our kayaks. They met up with Morris in his Kawasaki Mule and took him deep into Parque Los Buzos and set him free in the jungle. He ran off just fine!