Lost buffalo wanders under 5-star hotel canopy and tries to gore a woman

A video has emerged of a stray buffalo wandering under a five-star hotel canopy and attacking a woman in western India.

In the video captured by a bystander in Rajkot, Gujarat state on December 9, a buffalo is seen sitting in the middle of a busy street. After being chased by a pedestrian it gets up and enters into the premises of the Imperial Palace hotel and attacks a woman who is accompanied by her husband.

The animal can be seen trying to gore down the woman immediately after spotting her after entering inside the gate of the five-star hotel.

The husband who accompanied her took a note of the situation and pulls her immediately saving her from being knocked down on the ground.

The hotel manager has now lodged a complaint in the municipal corporation to have these stray animals checked.

Stray animals like bulls, cows and buffaloes are a never-ending problem of the Indian streets. In the past, such stray animals have gored people on several occasions. The owners of these animals leave them roaming on the streets for them to feed on grass and foods from the trash bins to save money on food costs.