Love-struck dog gets stuck in metal gate while trying to reach female pet inside home

This love-struck pooch had to be rescued after chasing a female - only to get his head stuck in a metal gate.

The stray black Aspin dog had been sniffing around the front yard in Chachoengsao, central Thailand, for several days, while watching the female dog in the front yard.

His urges finally overcame him and he tried to force his way through the gap in the metal gate to reach the potential mate on June 1.

Unfortunately for the randy dog, his attempt to woo his suitor came to no avail and he became firmly stuck in the gate.

House owner Sirawat Naiong, 45, discovered the stranded mutt and called the emergency services. They spent ten minutes using hydraulic cutters to free the dog.

Sirawat said: ''I recognised the dog. He is a stray that was wandering around here for about a week. He had been trying to get inside to reach my female.

''This should be a lesson to him not to do it again.''

The stray dog was released then scampered away back into the neighbourhood.