Loyal dog who 'doesn't want owner to go to work' chases him along road for more than a mile

This loyal puppy didn't want its owner to leave for work and appeared to chase him for more than a mile along the road in the Philippines.

Mark Gonzales noticed the pooch running after the man who was riding pillion on a motorcycle in Bacoor on July 6.

The brown Aspin dog spent more than two minutes running in the middle of the road in pursuit of the man.

Mark, who was driving behind them on his way to work, said it was ''sweet but dangerous''.

He said: "It was dangerous because the dog could have been hit by a car, but at the same time it's so sweet.''

Local resident Mark said he believes that the man on the motorcycle was leaving for work and that the pooch belonged to him.

He added: ''This is such a faithful and loyal dog. This animal is really teaching us the real essence of loyalty and faithfulness to a partner, master, and his family.''