Loyal Lab Fends off Ferocious Cougar

Occurred on October 11, 2017 / Sayward, British Columbia, Canada

Info from Licensor: "I manage tree plantations for major licensees along the west coast of British Columbia. Our company specializes in remote access areas. I was at work while I encountered the cat. I used to keep my dog with me to alert me if any predators were around. He’s sick now and can’t make it out with me. I use a tablet to collect data on forest regeneration. I had my iPad out as the cat approached and started recording instinctually. Being a wildlife enthusiast, the video was stopped only because I realized the cat was not leaving on its own and needed further encouragement. After I stopped the video, I picked up a stick and hit it on the head. The stick broke. I picked up a small log and tossed it at the cat, at which point it retreated."