Lucky escape for bakery customer as out-of-control car crashes into store's terrace

This is the moment a man leaps to narrowly dodge an out-of-control car that crashed into the terrace of a bakery in southern India.

The terrifying incident occurred at Palladam on June 14.

Customers of a popular bakery in Mahalaxmi Nagar area of the town had gathered for a cup of tea when the car crashed into the building.

A customer, who had got just down a Suzuki van, leaped to safety to escape the speeding vehicle.

The car flung the van away, missed him by inches before coming to a halt.

Police said the driver Suryaprakash was on his way to Coimbatore when the accident occurred.

''He was over-speeding and made a sharp turn to avoid hitting a school bus. He hit four vehicles on the road and injured two bikers seriously,'' police said.

The injured men, Chandramauleshwaran, 25, and Muthuvanel, 23, are recovering at a local hospital.

The driver has been arrested.