Magpie at the Door Whines Like a Dog

Occurred on February 20, 2019 / Alison, New South Wales, Australia

Info from Licensor: "Bella came into my care as a tiny featherless orphan chick. I raised her alongside my blind Australian Red Kelpie, Rusty and my cat Matilda. Bella was always free to come and go whenever she wanted. However, I did return her to her aviary at night for protection. Bella was always allowed entry into the house, where she loved to sleep and play with the dog and cat. The day this video was taken, it was raining heavily and Bella wanted to go inside, but because I had just mopped the floor I wouldn't let her.
Bella stayed with my family for almost two years, with her time away from the house getting longer each time she left. Bella is now completely wild and unapproachable but still visits often letting me know she is home by using a particular whistle that i taught her."