Making a Big Splash on King's Day

Occurred on April 27, 2019 / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Info from Licensor: It was King's Day, the biggest celebration in the Netherlands and the whole city was celebrating. A couple of my friends and I headed downtown to the city center, where all the canals and of course, boats are. While we were around the canals, we saw a lot of boats crowded with people. Me and my friends, Petra and Melis, stood right next to the fence of the bridge. A group of guys from a boat down invited us to come down and join them on the boat so we decided to come down and join the adventure. Petra decided it was a fun moment to record, as a fun memory from our first King's Day we would remember. Melis successfully went into the boat before me. Unfortunately, while I was on my way down the boat went below the bridge, so I fell into the water.