Man buried alive under 4 meters of rubble is rescued by man and machine

Firefighters use a huge mechanical digger and shovels to rescue a worker buried alive in a rubble-backfill collapse in southern China.

In the video a worker is seen buried under 4 meters of stone debris in Fu Mian Town, Yulin City, Guangxi on April 18. Another worker holds the right hand of the buried person to prevent him from sinking further into the unstable rubble.

Firefighters called to the scene use a metal framework to prop up the trapped man during their rescue as a second collapse seems very possible. A huge machine-digger and a group of men use shovels to dig away the remaining debris surrounding the man.

After nearly three hours of excavation, a firefighter successively pulls the trapped and dirt-covered man from the rubble.

He is immediately put on a stretcher and taken to hospital with mild injuries.