Man Encourages Brother to Jump on Questionable Ice

Occurred on April 2, 2018 / Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Info from Licensor: "My brother and I had decided that we'd go for a walk down to the beach. During the cold winter days of April in Canada, we spotted some geese on the ice on small covered ice patches along the shoreline. As we got onto the ice, I was aware it wasn't thick enough for us to walk on so I stayed on the thickest ice patch I could find and pulled out my phone to record in case I was able to catch my brother falling through the freezing ice to have a laugh. Then I asked him to stomp hard to really get his weight cracking the ice. He followed through what I asked and then my vision of what I imagined happened. To this day, I'm so glad I pulled out my phone only to find out what laugh I have. Also, of course, to have my brother fall through the ice to remember something hilarious forever!"