Man Flies Through Dubai Frame in Wingsuit

Occurred on October 4, 2018 / Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Info from Licensor: "The jump was performed as part of a video used to promote Dubai expo 2020 as a countdown towards the event. It was a jump in Dubai UAE. We were going to fly a pattern exiting a helicopter around 5000 feet flying towards the Dubai frame, making a right 90 turn towards and through the frame opening just after getting through the frame. We only had one shot to fly in formation through as it requires coordination with Dubai’s international airport airspace. The difficulty of the jump is increased as the structure is on the low side to be flying though being only 150 meters at the top, meaning we probably flew under the structure at 130 ish meters. As I was on the left side of the formation, I then had to open and fly across the park below and attempt to land next to an off-road vehicle to deliver a package in a kind of relay type thing very similar to passing the torch for the Olympics. The parcel turned out to be a flag which was hoisted up by a young local emirate boy at the end of the video. We performed the stunt perfect the first time. Everyone was safe, it was a very successful demo jump."