Man has lucky escape after running in front of a central London bus

This was the heart-stopping moment a hapless passenger nearly got run over by a bus in central London yesterday (May 15), close to Newgate Street.

The footage which was caught on a cabbie's dash cam shows the passengers of a suspected Uber, or similar private hire vehicle, exits from the drivers' side without looking.

Unbeknownst to the passenger traffic from the right-hand lane is still moving from behind him.

In a split second a doubledecker London bus fills the space in the lane and the pedestrian makes contact.

Luckily the bus driver reduced their speed just in time for no injuries to be made or to even knock the man down.

The filmer said: "I was empty at the time, my jaw dropped, I looked at the bus driver who was clearly in a bit of a shock himself."

The cabbie, who has been driving for six years, works part-time and explained he doesn't see "such incidents very often."

They later added: "[It] looks like an Uber...No safety awareness at all.

"Cab drivers would never allow this to happen to their passengers and will look out for a safe place to set down."