Man Masterfully Mimics the Sounds of a Buck Rattle

Occurred on November 9, 2019 / Brazil, Indiana, USA

Info from Licensor: "Stoney and I were running late to a hunt one evening so we decided to just walk the field. So we walked and then found a good place to sit. I told him that I was going to rattle and it’s going to be epic and it needs to be on video. He didn’t know to what extent it was going to be. So I did my thing and after I jumped over the log I seriously had to just lay there a rest cause I was winded. Felt like I ran a mile! So after I took a quick 10 mins nap we finally got together to review the footage. We couldn’t stop laughing for 15 mins! We were laughing so hard we were crying! It took me a week to decide on posting it to FB and it went off like wildfire."