Man paddles across Yangtze River in Chongqing to cut commuting time

A man paddled across the Yangtze River to cut his commute time, reducing it from an hour to just six minutes.

In the video, shot in southern China’s Chongqing City on February 19, the 29-year-old man named Liu Fucao wears an orange lifejacket and stands on a paddleboard to row across the Yangtze River.

Since Liu lived on the south bank of the river but his office was on the north bank, and it normally took him around one hour to get to work.

So Liu, who had professional paddleboard training before, decided to paddle across the river to dramatically cut the commuting time to only six minutes, or a 90% reduction in time.

Liu says he always wears a lifejacket and safety ropes on his legs when he makes the journey; though he does not paddle over the river on rainy days or holidays.