Man plunges car into bus stop killing seven in southern China

A car plunged into a bus stop killing seven and injuring four in southern China.

In the aftermath video, filmed in Leshan City in Sichuan Province today (November 27), smoke can still be seen around the car which crashed into the bus stop, after the fire has been put out. Firefighters and policemen can be seen doing search and rescue on site.

According to an onlooker named Ms Dong, after the car stopped the driver knocked his head into the steering wheel violently, and tried to use a knife to cut his neck as the car burst into flames. However, nearby people dragged the man out of the his vehicle.

According to reports, the car drove into a pedestrian and hit a bus stop with lots of commuters waiting for the buses.

The driver suffered minor injuries and was arrested by the police. The case was being investigated by authorities.