Man rescues wild fox with head stuck in milk carton

This is the moment a kindhearted driver stopped to rescue a fox with its head stuck inside a milk carton.

The animal was frantically running around in circles when Eduardo Lito Nunez saw it on the roadside in Punta Arenas in southern Argentina on January 18.

The Chilean lorry driver decided to stop for a rest when he spotted something brightly-coloured in the distance.

He told local media: “I climbed to the top of my lorry and I noticed a tail. It was very far away and I thought it was tied as it was walking in circles.”

When he went nearer he realised it was a fox that had its head stuck inside a milk carton.

Nunez went back to his cab to get his phone and a pair of gloves and filmed the rescue.

He says in the footage: “Look at this. It is free, we removed it. We did our good deed of the day!"

The driver, who spent several minutes saving the fox, said that the rubbish bins in the area are typically full and many animals rummage through them looking for food.