Man riddled with leg pain paid over one hundred thousand dollars for amputation

A twenty-year-old man plagued with leg pain due to a rare condition paid AUS$112,421 to have it amputated after he was inspired by a dog on TV's 'The Supervet'.

James Bertrand from Buckinghamshire has lived with constant pain due to blood clots caused by James and his twin Tom being born 28 weeks prematurely, suffering from the condition 'twin-to-twin transfusion'.

He was given a ray of hope by an episode of 'Supervet' in which a dog had a prosthetic limb fused directly into the bone of its amputated leg.

The operation Bertrand wanted was 'osseointegration' which has been carried out in Australia since 2006.

Tormented by pain and having exhausted all surgery options in the UK, he reached out to Australian doctors for the procedure and is recovering well, even being seen running a foot race with his brother.