Man rows over water in cooking pot boat with spatula paddle

A hilarious video has surfaced of a man sitting inside a very large aluminium cooking pot, struggling to row it over a body of water with a very long metal spatula as a paddle.

This video footage was shot on January 26 in Meenachil river of Kerala state, in south India. Surprisingly the vessel doesn’t sink even though it has a full grown man weighing it down.

Suresh Kumar, a migrant worker from Bihar who works at a cook in eatery in Kottayam, decided to celebrate the Republic Day holiday in a rather different way. Kumar himself is amused as he makes others also laugh their hearts out with this hysterical stunt.

He struggles to row and move forward. As he moves ahead, the weight shifts to one side, the vessel tilts and the man loses his balance is about to drown upside down in the water.

As he is seen to be out of control, another man comes to the rescue and rights the vessel letting him stay above water for a few moments longer.

They both are also accompanied by a small kid also floating in a smaller cooking vessel that fits him inside.