Man saves father and daughter trapped in car after vehicle loses control and dives into pond in southern China

++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN EDITED++ A father and daughter in the southern Chinese province of Hunan were rescued from their car, which had overturned into a pond, after a passerby noticed the danger.

The incident took place in Changde County on January 7. The passerby said that he heard cries for help and without thinking, immediately took off his top and coat despite the 4-degree winter, removed his shoes, and rushed to help. Using a hoe, he managed to break the windows and open the door, freeing the father and daughter.

According to local media, the passerby himself was hurt in the rescue, only realising after the two were saved that his hands were bleeding profusely.

The father and daughter later thanked the rescuer. It was reported that the father lost control of his vehicle when they were trying to avoid a motorcycle coming in their direction.