Man scares trick-or-treating kids with masterful Halloween set up

Kids visiting this house to trick-or-treat received more than just some Halloween candy – they also got a fright.

In the video, two girls can be walking up to a house and bending down to take some candy from a box. As they're picking and asking if it's alright for them to take two pieces, a creepy voice emerging from a large pumpkin suddenly berates them.

"You can't take two!" The man, who goes by the YouTube handle 'VivaFrei', says as the kids jump in horror.

He then reveals himself and reassures them that they can take as much candy as they want.

"Every year, we get a giant pumpkin to blow their minds of the neighbourhood kids. This year was no exception, and we set up an amazing Halloween scare. I hid inside the giant pumpkin with a large pumpkin over my head, and scare the children as they came by to get Halloween candy," he told Newsflare. "This was one of the better reactions!"