Man Struck by Deer

Occurred on January 22, 2020 / Locust, North Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: "On January 22, 2020, my wife and I went to McDonald's in Locust, NC for lunch. At about 12:30 we left the restaurant with our Coke's in our hands. As I walked out I looked for cars and walked across the driveway. I heard hoofs like a horse, looked right and saw a blur and a deer face and then I was knocked down. I saw the deer as it went over me and landed. I rolled, stood up and saw it continue to run in a straight line towards the woods. I laughed when I realized what had happened. I had been hit, knocked down, rolled and never spilled my coke! I did not feel hurt and the next day I was not even sore. I was very blessed not to have been hurt."