Man with rare arm deformity shows how he can ride a motorcycle

A man with a rare deformity proved it was no barrier for him when motorbike riding in this heartening clip from western Indonesia.

Mulyadi, a 36-year-old man from Payakumbuh city, West Sumatra, was born with a condition that gave him a pair of crooked hands with one big thumb each.

Footage filmed on Sunday (March 17), shows Mulyadi at a motorcycle equipment shop practising how he rides his motorcycle.

Beginning by donning his helmet, then with both his hands and chin, Mulyadi prepared the motorcycle key. Using his left hand and right elbow he is able insert the key into the socket and turn on the bike.

After the motorbike starts up, he uses its elbow clasps to turn the motorbike pedal to control the speed.

According to Mulyadi he learned to ride a motorcycle when he was 18 years old. But until now he did not even have a driver's license.

Mulyadi commented: "Police didn't give me a driver's license even though I passed the exam,"

"I have always been careful driving and never exceeded the safe speed limit. I don't drive a motorbike for long trips."