Manatee swims past oblivious beachgoers on Florida beach

A group of clueless beachgoers received a visit from a friendly manatee whilst going for a swim on a beach in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Footage captured on June 5 shows the marine mammal wading through the water in between a large group of swimmers, who seemed unaware that it was just a few metres from them.

The filmer told Newsflare: ''It's a regular occurrence in this part of Florida that a manatee will come up to someone in the water and brush up against them or even push their hairy snoots against you to check you out.

''Many of these people [beachgoers] have never heard of or seen a manatee, they regularly scare or startle the heck out of people. The guy in this video probably would have jumped out of his shorts if this manatee had bumped him or if he just turned around and saw it.''