Manhole explosions rock Midtown NYC leaving four injured

A series of burning manholes left a building supervisor and three firefighters injured on E32nd Street and 5th in Midtown NYC on April 24.

The first reports came in around 10am as smoke billowed out of a number of manholes. The situation escalated after an underground explosion was then reported. A nearby basement fire has also been extinguished.

The building near the fire was evacuated as well as Chelsea Day School after higher carbon monoxide levels were detected, which fire officials have said can happen in underground fires.

Footage shows a man sitting in the back of a fire truck being administered an oxygen bag. In a series of clips edited together the filmer shows the large number of first responders at the scene.

There are images of firemen using their hose to douse one manhole. Further footage shows the cordon around which police officials direct traffic and bystanders ask if anyone was hurt.

All of the four people injured are expected to be OK.