Manta Ray is Curious About the Camera

Occurred on August 2019 / Coral Bay, Western Australia

Info from Licensor: "The manta ray in this video is called 'Isobel'. She is a large residential female manta ray that I regularly swim with on the Ningaloo Reef. She is around 4 meters across from wing tip to wing tip and is very comfortable interacting with people. Manta Rays are regarded as having the largest brain to body size ratio of any fish in the ocean and this is evident when you are in the water with them. As can be seen in the video 'Isobel' is aware of my presence and comes in for a closer look. She is also accompanied by an entourage of juvenile fish called golden trevally who swim along with her and create a scene similar to that seen in the popular movie 'Finding Nemo'."