Marine workers investigating after 35ft long dead whale washes up in Thailand

Conservationists were investigating today on May 29 after a giant whale was found floating in the middle of the ocean with an unknown cause of death.

Wildlife workers were alerted to the Bryde's whale floating on its back in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of in Phetchaburi, western Thailand in afternoon of May 28.

The team reported the incident to the researchers from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, who later came to help move the carcass out of the ocean.

Local fishermen and officials spent a whole night dragging the 35-feet-long whale through the strong waves. The corpse was successfully carried to the shore on the morning of May 29.

Marine mammal specialist Patcharaporn Yaowasut said from the initial examination the female Bryde's whale did not appear to have any wounds. They have yet to establish what caused the death.

Patcharaporn said: “Currently, the staff and researchers from the Department of Marine and Coastal are taking the body to the department to find the cause of her death.

“When the autopsy procedure is done, we will take care of the body and make sure it doesn’t disturb any residents.”

Footage shows researchers cutting open the dead whale after it had washed up on the beach. Photographers and press representatives are shown at the scene taking photographs and filming researchers at work.

The end of the film shows the whale carcass after the vital organs have been removed and taken to the laboratory.