Mass demonstration in Madrid, Spain for the International Day of Action for Women's Health

Hundreds of women with green banners took to the streets of Madrid on May 28 in a mass International Day of Action for Women's Health demonstration.

Known as the 'Green Tide', originating in Argentina, the demonstration supported a Bill of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE) which is being prepared to be put before Argentina's Congress for the eighth time. The bill is intended to secure legal, safe and free abortion for Argentinian women.

The 'Green Tide' is a wave of activism for women’s health issues. One of the main issues being a woman’s right to abortion up until the 14 week point. They also support abortion at the end of pregnancy in certain cases such as rape-pregnancy, danger to life and foetal malformations).

Footage shows hundreds of women donning green scarves, banners and clothing chanting and singing (in Spanish) in the street.