Massive ice block forms in middle of Nebraska farm field

A field in Nebraska was flooded with a gigantic block of ice estimated 20 feet high, a mile long and 200 yards wide that had spilled from the Niobrara river.

The colossal block was filmed on March 16 in Keya Paha County, forming a massive wall of ice along the edge of a bare field. Reportedly the nearby Niobrara River had flooded, causing mass destruction to ranchers' property in the area.

The filmer commented: "Once in a lifetime never seen before!"

When posted on social media, Twitter responses included statements such as: "I would really really like to just raise awareness for the catastrophe that’s going on in the Midwest."

"People who work to feed the USA and the world are really really suffering now and in the months to come from the catastrophic flooding going on."