Massive python regurgitates farmer's rooster

A python ate a rooster then was made to regurgitate it after being caught in a chicken coop.

The 12ft long snake slithered into the wooden hut in a garden in Chonburi, Thailand, on April 18.

It sparked mayhem among the poultry as they flapped around and battled to escape.

But the snake managed to snare one black rooster which it swallowed whole. When the farmer, Khun Kittisak, noticed what had happened he called the emergency services who arrive with snake catchers.

They python was dragged into the open and made to regurgitate the bird. Footage shows the reptile writhing around on the ground as the dead bird slowly emerges from its jaws.

Kittisak said: ''I'm sad to have lost of my birds. I will have to prepare extra defenses to keep the snakes away.''