Master chef in Vietnam uses 12 pans to cook 5000 crepes a day at 'Crepe Temple'

A busy chef was filmed at a temple in Vietnam using 12 pans to cook more than 5000 crepes a day for devotees and tourists alike.

The man is one of several chefs living in a temple in An Giang province in southern Vietnam, famous for special vegetarian crepe dishes and often called the "Crepe Temple".

Each day the temple welcomes more than 1000 visitors to visit and visit the temple. All visitors are invited to eat free crepes as a gift the temple offers for visitors.

Every day, the chefs start work at 6:00 am and end at 7:00 pm. This chef, filmed on December 2, 2018, works constantly with 12 pans and on average, he can make 400 Vietnamese crepes per hour.

On especially busy days, chefs have to pour out 15 pans continuously to make more than 5000 crepes a day. Usually there are two chefs with over 30 pans making the savoury dish from flour and vegetables.