Mayhem at Thai airport after flight cancellations over India-Pakistan conflict

Hundreds of travellers were stranded at the airport in Thailand after all the flights to Europe were cancelled due to escalating tension between Pakistan and India.

Footage captured today (February 27) shows a crowd of travellers stuck in Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

Speaking in the video, Swedish holidaymaker Dan Eastgrain, said: ''I heard there was a problem but I didn't think it would be like this. It's chaos.’’

Frustrated backpacker Nicolle Paisley, who was on the flight which turned back earlier today, said she was stuck in limbo between arrivals and immigration.

She said: ''We've been back for hours now, no food or water. No information on our rescheduled flight. Not good enough at all.

''The staff aren't doing much to help. I'm already at the airport. They've told us to stay in line. They can't help as they don't have the answers either. We just want to know when our flight is.''

Thai Airways President Sumeth Damrongchaitham said an urgent meeting had been called to reschedule flights to Europe, which normally pass through airspace affected by the chaos between India and Pakistan.