Meet the £100,000 goat with the words for 'Allah' and 'Mohammed' marked on his fur

This goat in Kakrali village, northern India has become a local celebrity as the animal has religious names marked in its fur.

The goat, named Mohammed, has been valued at around 9 million Indian rupees (£105,264) by its owner due to the words Mohammed and Allah marked on its fur, these words are considered sacred in Islam.

According to the owner, Buddhu, he bought this goat around two years ago when it was two months old.

"We give our goat full nutrition and spent around 500 rupees (£5.85) daily on him. We give him all types of dry fruits in food, milk and green vegetables," Buddhu added.

Fajjo, Buddhu's wife, said: "We got this goat due to the grace of God and he is like a gift for us.

This footage was filmed on July 14.