Meet the alligator so tame humans can get in the water with him

This American alligator named Casper is so tame humans can get in the water with him without fear of being attacked and he even responds to his name.

Cameraman and naturalist Ewan Wilson had the chance to enter Casper's pool at the Everglades Outpost in South Florida on Saturday and witness first-hand this reptile's extraordinarily docile behaviour.

In the footage Wilson filmed, Casper's trainer Chris Gillette calls him by name from the other side of the pool.

Wilson's hands tremble on the camera as the potentially deadly reptile starts to swim over to the pair.

Then, incredibly, Casper stops inches from Gillette and Wilson, showing no signs of aggression.

"That's incredible," says Wilson.

According to Wilson, Gillette has been working with Casper for twelve years and has been able to teach him to respond to his name in return for food.

Along with the other reptilian residents of the Everglades Outpost, Casper helps to educate the people of Florida about how to co-exist with their wild neighbours.

One of the key lessons is to never feed wild alligators which can turn them into "problem animals" as they lose their natural fear of humans.