Meet the unique family in India who were born with dwarfism

Meet the Chauhans from Hyderabad, Telangana state, a unique family famous for many of them being affected by achondroplasia, or dwarfism.

The family are unperturbed by their condition and enjoy their lives, as seen in this footage filmed on June 23.

Chandan Raj Chauhan's family once consisted of 21 people of which 18 suffered from the condition. He originally had seven sisters and four brothers, with eight of these 11 siblings suffering from the condition.

However, sadly some of them have passed away over time including his elder brother, Prithvi Raj.

Chandan Raj was interviewed and commented: "When we go out people laugh at us, people crowd around us and ask us strange questions like, 'Why are you so short?', everyone teases us."

Getting emotional he further said that once his father, who was smaller than him in size, said that this condition was the dwarf incarnation of God, and that, "people may laugh, but we shouldn’t feel bad about it. You think that you are able to bring a smile to someone’s face''.

The sons of Chandan, Chander and Ram, currently work as 'marriage welcomers', where they dress up and welcome guests to weddings. He said: "That finding a job was a big problem for me as no one was ready to give me a job due to my height."

The family has four daughters, and one of them wants to be an accountant. Chandan added: "I try and make my daughters understand that this is their duty to be happy and make others happy."