Metal billboard hits Chinese woman’s head after being blown off by wind

A giant metal billboard hit a woman on her head after it was blown off by wind in northwestern China.

The CCTV clip, filmed in Xining city in Qinghai province on August 3, shows a two-metre-long and one-metre-wide metal billboard suddenly falling down and striking a woman on her head.

According to reports, the woman named Wei was about to go out to walk her dog but returned due to the strong wind.

However, a metal billboard suddenly fell onto her from the top of the security guard room when she entered the residential community with her dog.

Although Wei had headache, she was alright after being checked in hospital.

According to reports, the billboard was torn down and temporarily placed on the top of the security guard room when the incident happened.

The community director has informed other workers to check all the billboards in the residential community and they would reimburse the hospital checking fee for Wei.