Moment cobra eggs hatch after being kept at rescuer's home for one month

This is the moment a group of baby cobras come out of their eggs marking the culmination of an over a month-long effort to protect and incubate them.

Rasmikanta Parida a farmer in Puri district in eastern India panicked after spotting a cobra in his home on April 24.

He called Snake Helpline, which sent a volunteer Susant Kumar Behera, to rescue the reptile.

To his surprise, Behera found that three cobras had nested in proximity and laid eggs.

He rescued all the three cobras and their 57 eggs. He released the mother cobras on the same day and handed over the eggs to Subhendu Mallik, founder of Snake Helpline, for incubation.

After 40 days of care, the first lot of eggs hatched and 27 baby cobras were released at a natural habitat on June 3.

''The rest of the eggs are in the process of hatching and all the babies will be released in their habitat,'' said Mallik.

''We had to incubate them artificially as the nests were disturbed and the eggs were exposed to sunlight, which could have damaged them'' added Mallik.