Moment miracle baby emerges unscathed after falling onto tracks and under moving train

This is the moment a one-year-old girl falls on tracks at a railway station in India but emerged unharmed.

The incident occurred at Mathura in Uttar Pradesh today (November 20).

In the video, the train passes over her and the girl amazingly escapes without a scratch.

Sonu, a local resident, was heading to Jhansi with his wife and two children. They had caught the 11.30 am Samata Express to go to Jhansi, according to local sources.

As the train began to move he realised that his purse had gone missing. In a panic, he got down with the elder child followed by his wife carrying their one-year-old daughter, Saheeba.

Aa the wife got down the moving train, the baby girl slipped from her arms and fell on the tracks, slipping between the platform and the train.

As the shocked family and onlookers watched, the train passed over the baby.

Fortunately, the baby was picked up from the tracks and united with the family.

The railway police took note of the incident and let the family go after they had recovered from the shock.