Moment monkey gang attacks man in northern India, forcing him to the ground

This is the moment a hapless business owner in India returned home to be attacked by a troop of monkeys.

In the video, Nikunj Goyal, is seen parking his scooter outside his home in the holy town of Vrindavan in northern Uttar Pradesh on Saturday (July 6).

Turning a corner and approaching his entrance, Goyal stops in his tracks as a monkey nears him, forcing him to retreat.

But other monkeys appear from behind, including one that approaches with speed and leaps onto his back, toppling Goyal to the ground. At this point, another monkey seizes the opportunity to jump on Goyal's back as he is on the floor.

Goyal is able to get back on his feet and swings out an arm, forcing the monkey off and allowing Goyal to make a hasty getaway.

A neighbour comes outside to take a look at the commotion, armed with a brush as Goyal finally disappears out of shot.

Goyal, who runs a shop selling incense sticks, has since had rabies injections to guard against disease.

It is not unknown for macaques to snatch food from humans and generally wreak havoc.

The rapid growth of cities in India has displaced macaques, forcing them into human habitats to scavenge for food.

On Facebook, Goyal commented in Hindi that the monkey problem had become so great it was difficult for people to leave their homes. He also said the authorities were turning a blind eye.

The incident occurred shortly before 11am on Saturday and was later filmed on his mobile phone by Goyal, the property owner. In the video, a protective box is seen around the CCTV camera - to help protect from monkeys.