Moment 'Uber driver' collides with cyclist in busy Central London road

This is the moment a car alleged to be an Uber collides with a cyclist in the middle of Central London amid heavy traffic.

Dashcam footage captured yesterday (October 11) on Grays Inn Road, central London, shows a white Toyota Prius moving out onto the main road as a cyclist passes.

The Prius drives directly into the cyclist and knocks him to the ground as traffic passes around him.

He hits the bonnet of the electric vehicle twice before cycling off.

The driver of the camera car, who claims the car is in fact an Uber, alleges that the driver was looking at his phone instead of on the road.

He writes: "Uber driver hits oncoming cyclist on Grays inn Road.

"Cyclist unhurt, gets up and hits Uber drivers bonnet twice.

"Both leave the scene without exchanging details."