Moment unsuspecting drivers pull up to scene of Hawthorne shooting

A bird's-eye view shows how Hawthorne Police responded during a wild shootout at a shopping centre in Manhattan Beach in which an officer was injured.

Eyewitness video filmed from an elevated position in a nearby building shows cars pulling up to the sound of gunfire at the shopping centre.

As gunfire rings out, drivers take evasive action, quickly reversing and moving out of the area.

The filmer was startled by the sound of gunshots coming from the area yesterday (April 8), describing it as "probably five to six rapid-fire shots initially that made me realize it wasn't a car backfire but something else going on."

According to local media, police responded to reports of a domestic dispute at a Marriott hotel near the corner of Rosecrans Avenue and Aviation Boulevard at about 9:30 a.m., citing police. A man dressed in military fatigues and carrying a handgun was reported chasing a woman in the hotel.

According to local media reports, one of the police officers was shot in his leg.

The Hawthorne Police twitter account tweeted that the officer is awake and alert, with one arrest made for the shooting.