Moment when leopard cub returns to the wild after miraculous paralysis recovery

This was the moment a leopard cub ran back into the wild on May 31 after a miraculous recovery from paralysis after a road accident in west India.

After months of extensive medical treatment and physiotherapy with help from experts at Wildlife SOS, the young leopard was able to walk again and has safely returned to the wild.

The seven-month-old female leopard was found severely injured after a road accident in early January, near Igatpuri, Maharashtra state, which left it paralysed with spinal trauma, and it was taken to Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center, run by Wildlife SOS in Junnar.

The leopard cub was cared for by Dr Ajay Deshmukh, who combined a number of physiotherapy techniques including massages, stretches and assisted walks, to help it recover over five months, until it was released near where it was first found at Igatpuri.

Dr Deshmukh, commented: “The young leopard’s undaunted spirit to heal and get back on her feet has been truly inspiring. Her recovery has been quite miraculous, and we are grateful to the Forest Department for supporting our efforts to give this cub a second chance at life.”

Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder & CEO Wildlife SOS said, “This leopard was just one among the hundreds of animals in India to have fallen victim to such an incident caused by negligent driving.

"The absence of wildlife corridors is one reason for the recurring of such cases. On finding their territory and prey base depleting due to the unwarranted invasion of their natural habitats, wild animals are constantly forced to seek out other means for survival, usually by becoming dependent on human habitation.

Unaccustomed to the noise and flow of traffic, the animals face problems while navigating the busy roads amidst speeding vehicles.”