Moment youth in South London pulls massive knife during altercation

This is the moment a youth on a bike pulls a massive knife on a motorist in South London in the middle of the day.

Footage captured yesterday (October 18) on Greyhound Lane in Streatham shows two men exiting a black Volkswagen that has pulled up to a side road.

The men appear to catch the attention of two youths on bicycles, who stop in the middle of the road.

It appears the group has an off-screen argument before one of the cyclists pulls a large knife from a sheath and chases the motorists.

A standoff occurs as stunned bystanders witness the scene, which occurred at 4 pm.

Another man intervenes in the heated moment and separates the group.

The owner of the CCTV writes: "I heard a lot of shouting and was unaware as to what exactly was happening.

"Playing back the CCTV, I could see two lads on bikes, one of which pulls out a knife in a sheath and chases off the two guy who got out of the car.

"It was a 5th guy from across the road that broke up the fight and sent them on their way."