Monkey goes bananas! Cheeky ape mimics woman after snatching her shawl in eastern India

This is the amusing moment a cheeky monkey snatches a shawl from a woman and appears to mimic her.

The incident took place at a shop Mungpoo town in West Bengal state's Darjeeling district, eastern India.

Footage shows the monkey sitting inside a shop beside the woman. The primate is amused by the woman's shawl and tries to snatch it.

The woman is seen getting up, taking a sweet and giving it to the ape.

Suddenly, the simian comes from behind and makes attempts to snatch the lady's shawl. It is also seen making squeaking sounds, in an effort to scare the woman.

After several attempts, the monkey finally manages to snatch the shawl. It cutely wraps the shawl around its body, mimicking the woman, and poses for a while.

Besides shopkeepers, the customers were also entertained by the guest.