Monkey rescued after getting electrocuted while raiding homes in search for food

A wild monkey was rescued after getting electrocuted while climbing on roofs in search of food.

The female primate was bounding across the homes then rummaging through bins in Trat, eastern Thailand on April 16.

But she accidentally jumped into power cables and suffered burns across his fur. Residents saw the monkey limping why crawling across a tin roof on one of the homes.

Rescuers from Sawang Boonchuay Foundation had to climb over a fence to reach the animal which continuously ran away.

The Injured monkey was caught 20 minutes later after two volunteers found her hiding under the basement.

Both of her legs were seen seriously wounded with a big burning mark. Villagers said that the monkey was electrocuted when she went into the village looking for food.

Local resident Ning Somboon said: ''Many monkeys from the forest nearby often came to the village and were injured from the electricity before. But most of them ran away before we called the rescuer.''

Officers put her in the cage and gave her some bananas before sending her to the nearest vet.