Monkey stuck in car bonnet rescued by highway services personnel on busy highway in Gujarat, India

A monkey was rescued by the highway services personnel after it got trapped in the front bonnet of a moving car in Gujarat, India.

The monkey got ran over and stuck while it was trying to cross a busy highway. The car owner who saw the monkey coming under its wheel stopped his car and came to check, but couldn’t find the monkey anywhere.

He then heard the squeaks of the macaque coming out from inside his front bonnet and immediately called up the highway services personnel to rescue the animal out.

The highway personnel arrived within half an hour and rescued the monkey from inside the front bonnet of the car.

In the video, the personnel can be seen breaking the front panel in order to release the ape. He then prods the animal with a stick as its tail come out first.

It is then pulled out gradually from inside the structure. As soon as the monkey is out of the car’s bonnet, it can be seen running away nervously but uninjured into the nearby jungle.